We’re proud to be endorsed by the 43rd LD Democrats!

Last week, the 43rd Legislative District Democrats passed a resolution supporting Councilmember Kshama Sawant against the right-wing Recall Campaign, with 83% voting in favor!

43rd Democrats Chair Scott Alspach noted that “We have stood behind Councilmember Sawant before, and there is no reason for us to stop now—in fact, quite the opposite. It is shameful to see such an undemocratic and retaliatory effort led by the same upper-class in Seattle who perpetuated racist and misogynistic attacks against Sawant for years. As a Council District 3 resident myself, I call on fellow Democrats to join me in opposition to the Recall effort.”

In 2019, Kshama and our movement made history when the 43rd LD Democrats endorsed her re-election campaign. This was the first time EVER that a Democratic LD in Seattle endorsed a left independent candidate! 

Kshama has fought unapologetically for progressive and socialist ideas, winning her the support of many rank-and-file Democrats who are frustrated by the pro-corporate leadership of the city’s political establishment. As in 2019, it’s clear that this recall attack on Kshama represents a naked power-grab from the corporate elite. 

Can you chip in $27 today to defend against the right-wing Recall Campaign and make sure that we keep a voice for working people in City Hall?

"I had the pleasure of being a colleague with Councilmember Sawant for six years,” former City Councilmember Mike O'Brien said during the 43rd Democrats’ recent meeting. “Don't get confused by the rhetoric of people who disagree with her policy that she's 'hard to work with.' She's committed to her values and when those values align, she is a great ally. She doesn't make the easy compromises that have bogged down our political system and put us where we are."

This recall attempt is an attack on all progressives, on Black Lives Matter, and on all working people. The right wing and big business have teamed up not only to overturn 2019’s democratic election, but also to try to roll back many of the victories that Kshama’s office has fought for. 

Kshama has been the most consistent fighter for working people in City Hall. Now, more than ever, we need to unify working people, rank-and-file Democrats, socialists, and the labor movement to defend her socialist seat against the right-wing recall.