Have you heard of Amazon’s elite executive “S-Team”?

Since day one of our campaign, we’ve been saying that the Recall is an attempt by big business and the right wing to overturn the 2019 democratic re-election of Councilmember Kshama Sawant. They are furious about our movement’s victories and desperately want a do-over.

This has become clearer with every passing month as more and more of the corporate elite who spent big in 2019 are now backing the right-wing Recall. 

Two years ago, Amazon and other big businesses tried to buy the election by dropping over $1.5 million into a corporate PAC. Not only that, many members of Amazon’s elite executive “S-Team,” who report directly to Jeff Bezos, personally donated to the PAC, and/or directly to Kshama’s then-opponent, Egan Orion (also supporting the Recall). Amazon’s soon-to-be new CEO, Andrew Jassy, even threw his hat into the PAC – donating $10,000 total. 

As we saw in 2019 and this year again in Bessemer, Alabama, viciously attacking movements of working people is a key priority for Amazon. The same Amazon executive who led the blatant sabotaging of the Amazon union vote in Bessemer, Dave Clark, donated $5,000 to the anti-Kshama PAC in 2019. (Clark’s viciousness is so well-known even within Amazon that other executives nicknamed him “the Sniper.”)

Now top Amazon executives are turning their attention to the Recall. Doug Herrington, a senior VP at Amazon and S-team member, recently donated $500 to the Recall Campaign. 

This comes as no surprise.

What does it tell us about the Recall? Ultimately, it shows us their campaign to oust Kshama from office is not really about some alleged concern for ethics codes or the finer points of the law. Amazon had no such concern as it carried out the blistering assault on labor law and workers rights in Bessemer this spring. Herrington and Amazon, desperately want Seattle’s only elected socialist gone, and are opportunistically jumping on any opportunity to remove her, no matter how dishonest or undemocratic.

It also confirms something else we already knew: the Recall will be backed by virtually unlimited corporate cash. Between Amazon executives, real estate giants, and rich Republicans, the campaign to oust Kshama is and will continue to have extremely deep pockets. 

It will take massive effort to defeat the right-wing Recall and their corporate backers. After a fantastic show of solidarity and financial support in the weeks following the right-wing Supreme Court decision in April, our fundraising has since slowed down. Meanwhile, billionaires and Amazon executives like Doug Herrington are getting involved with the Recall effort. We need your support to get our fundraising back where it needs to be. Can you help us raise  $10,000 by the end of the month?

Help get our fundraising back on track so that we can continue our canvassing efforts and build our movement against the right-wing Recall. Can you pitch in a donation to help us meet our goal? Whether it’s $5 or $500, every dollar that working people can give helps us build the strongest possible fightback against this right-wing, anti-democratic recall effort.