#KshamaSolidarity Get Out the Vote Pledge

Fight Back Against Voter Suppression!

By not handing in their signatures by the August 3rd deadline in order to get on the November election ballot, they have opted for a low-turnout special election which will be held on a day yet to be announced this Winter.

The only way we can fight back against this voter suppression and keep our socialist city councilor is by building the biggest, strongest Get Out the Vote movement possible. That is why we are asking everybody who opposes the right-wing Recall campaign to take the #KshamaSolidarity Get Out the Vote Pledge.


Three steps to the #KshamaSolidarity Get Out the Vote pledge:

1 - Identify 3 people in District 3 who you think support Kshama against the right-wing Recall. These can be friends, neighbors, family, roommates, coworkers, or anybody who lives in District 3!

2 - Reach out to them for a short discussion to see if they oppose the Recall and explain why it’s so important they vote NO! Check out a guide for your conversations here and our FAQ page for any additional questions. If somebody can’t be convinced to oppose the Recall, identify another person to contact in their place.

3 - Once ballots are sent out, reach out to your three people (only if they support Kshama!) to make sure they’ve gotten their ballot and that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Keep following up they’ve confirmed that their ballot against the Recall has been cast!

Take the #KshamaSolidarity GOTV Pledge!

I pledge to first contact my 3 people by: