Get Out the Vote Conversation Guide:
Vote 'NO' by December 7th!

Kshama’s Record

  • Spearheaded victory on $250 mil/year Amazon Tax to fund affordable housing & Green New Deal
  • Led the way on making Seattle the first major city to pass a $15 minimum wage
  • Helped win landmark renters rights like Move-In Fees Law, Winter Evictions Ban & School Year Evictions Ban
  • Passed first-in-nation ban on teargas, rubber bullets, & other so-called “crowd control” weapons used by SPD
  • Now, Kshama is leading the fight for RENT CONTROL, which would stop landlords from raising rents faster than inflation

Facts About the Recall

  • Big business and the right-wing want to remove Kshama because of all of this and to stop us from winning Rent Control
  • Over 500 Republican donors, 130 Trump donors, and more than 100 CEOs and corporate executives are bankrolling the Recall
  • The Recall’s charges against Kshama are for her leadership in the Black Lives Matter and Tax Amazon movements. We need more politicians who will fight for us like Kshama, not fewer!

Voter Suppression and Fighting Back

  • Kshama has won 3 regular elections (2013, 2015, 2019), carried by high turnout among renters, young people, and communities of color
  • The Recall has manipulated the system to force a low-turnout “special election” this Winter to try and get the oldest, whitest, wealthiest turnout possible
  • That’s why we need YOU to ask every District 3 resident you know: “Can we count on you to vote “NO” on the right-wing Recall?” 
  • When ballots are mailed out on November 17th, circle back, and keep following up until their ballot has been cast!

Once you’ve talked to your network, log your progress here

Who can vote in this special election?

  • Registered voters in District 3 (see map below!)
  • The District 3 residents you talk to can check their registration status here

If they’re not registered at their current District 3 address, make sure they do so!