As We Defend Against The Right Wing Recall, We Also Campaign For:

  • COVID-19 Relief—We urgently need COVID-19 relief, paid for by increasing the Amazon Tax. We need a guaranteed jobs program for all who are unemployed and underemployed. Cancel rent and mortgages for those who’ve lost jobs or significant income and for struggling small businesses – make the banks and corporate landlords pay, NOT renters, homeowners, or small landlords!
  • Community Control Of Police—We need a democratically-elected Community Oversight Board with full powers to hold the police accountable, including the right to set policy and subpoena officers. Cut the bloated SPD budget to fund affordable housing, restorative justice, public transit, and stop austerity.
  • Green New Deal—Fully fund a socialist Green New Deal in Seattle to end all fossil fuel emissions by 2030, build green affordable homes, massively expand public transit, and create thousands of clean energy jobs, paid for by taxing the rich.