Rent Control & Affordable Housing

We need rent control NOW! Kshama Sawant’s rent control legislation would outlaw all rent increases above annual inflation (approx. 2-3%), with NO corporate loopholes, and prevent rent gouging in ALL rental units citywide. Cancel rental, mortgage, and other COVID debt – make the banks and corporate landlords pay!

Tax Amazon & Big Business

Fund a massive program of green affordable housing by expanding the Amazon Tax our movement won last year. Fully fund public schools and community services. We need to tax big business, NOT working people, renters, homeowners, and small businesses.

Community Control Of Police

We need a democratically-elected Community Oversight Board with full powers to hold the police accountable, including the right to set policy and hire/fire officers. Cut the bloated Seattle Police budget to fund affordable housing, restorative justice, public transit, and stop austerity.

Socialist Green New Deal

Fight for a socialist Green New Deal in Seattle to end all fossil fuel emissions by 2030, dramatically expand public transit, and create thousands of clean energy jobs. To avoid climate catastrophe, we need to take the big energy corporations into democratic public ownership and retool them for 100% clean energy.

Defend Against Right-Wing Attacks

We need to build the movement against right-wing attacks on the right to protest, anti-worker attacks on unions, sexist attacks on abortion access and women’s rights, the homophobic assault on trans rights and LGBTQ+ people, and anti-democratic attempts to blatantly suppress the vote. We need to stop the right-wing, undemocratic effort to remove Kshama Sawant which, if successful, would embolden further attacks both locally and nationally.