It’s Official: ALL OUT for Dec. 7 election

BREAKING: King County Elections has just confirmed that the right-wing recall has collected enough valid signatures to go to the ballot, and that the election will be held on December 7. From now until December 7, we will go all out in a historic effort to defend Seattle’s only elected socialist, Kshama Sawant.

We urgently need your help. Over the next two months, we will need to knock thousands more doors, deliver hundreds more yard signs, and send mailers to every home in District 3. Please donate $50, $200, or whatever you can RIGHT NOW to make sure we have the funds to sustain our effort and defeat this racist, right-wing recall and their voter suppression.

The fact that this recall will be on December 7, barely one month after the regular November election, is a complete affront to democracy. A December election is literally unheard of in Seattle. In the past 150 years, not a single election has been held in December. So why is it happening now?

The ruling class in Seattle has shown that it’s willing to go to enormous lengths to remove Kshama from office. In 2019, Amazon and the Chamber of Commerce spent $4.5 million in their attempt to defeat Kshama and flip City Hall to the right. We built a movement to defeat their slate of corporate candidates, and we won.

This recall is a cynical attempt to overturn those election results. But our opponents learned an important lesson in 2019: when people vote, Kshama Sawant wins. So rather than put their recall on the regular November election, when most working-class people vote, they calculated the submission of their petition signatures to intentionally miss the November election and achieve what they hope will be the lowest-turnout election possible in December.

This is blatant, calculated voter suppression. And it’s up to us to defeat it.

The Recall Campaign has manipulated the system in an attempt to manufacture the most undemocratic election possible, which they hope will be determined by the whitest, wealthiest electorate. Voters will receive their ballots one week before Thanksgiving and just two weeks after the regular November election. Students will be on vacation. Working people will be turning their attention towards the holidays. The rain will be beating down on volunteer canvassers. The Recall Campaign is hoping that many voters won’t even realize that an election is happening.

These are serious obstacles. But our movement has a track record of showing that we can organize, fight back, and win. Over 3,000 District 3 donors have contributed to our grassroots campaign to defend Kshama. Hundreds of volunteers have knocked doors, made phone calls, delivered yard signs, and more to spread the word about this right-wing attack.

This is a fight for the future of Seattle. Kshama has led our movement to unmatched victories. Together we made Seattle the first major city to pass a $15 minimum wage. Last year, we won the Amazon Tax for affordable housing, securing over $2 billion over the next decade to fund a major expansion of affordable housing and create thousands of good-paying union jobs. We have won dozens of landmark renters rights victories. Just a few days ago, we won two more historic victories: guaranteeing renters six months’ notice of any rent increase and guaranteeing economic relocation assistance to tenants who are forced to move out because of excessive rent increases.

Our victories have given working people everywhere the confidence to fight for more. With every victory, more people begin to see: when we fight, we can win.

That’s why big business wants Kshama out, and that’s why we need to fight like hell to keep her in. For 8 years, Kshama has stood unequivocally on the side of working people, renters, and the oppressed. Please take these three critical steps right now to defend our voice in City Hall:


With your help we can defeat this recall, win rent control, and build a movement to fight for far more.