Kshama Solidarity Rally: Defend Against the Right-Wing Recall!

Posted on September 15th, 2020

Have you seen who’s backing the right-wing recall campaign against Councilmember Kshama Sawant?

As The Stranger reports, the recall campaign has already been linked to:

  • Billionaire ICE landlord and max Trump donor Martin Selig

  • Egan Orion, who ran unsuccessfully against Kshama in 2019 on a record-breaking flood of corporate cash from Amazon and the Chamber of Commerce, requesting that his involvement remain “a secret.”

  • Over $40,000 in funding from anonymous donors, likely kept anonymous to avoid drawing attention to right-wing backers (like Selig).

The recall petition filer himself has been explicit that this is a reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement, and three of the charges in the petition are directly against BLM. But this is also the right-wing and billionaire class’ desperate attempt to find a do-over after their tsunami of corporate cash failed to defeat Kshama's 2019 re-election.

These top corporate elites and the right wing are hellbent on driving out Kshama Sawant because they know that her office has not only been unshakably accountable to working people — it’s been incredibly effective. 

Kshama’s office has been making things happen, building powerful movements to win historic victories, including:

  • Winning a historic Amazon Tax on Seattle’s biggest corporations to raise over $200 million per year for affordable housing and green jobs
  • Winning a landmark $15 minimum wage which sparked a nationwide movement to raise the minimum wage
  • Passing a series of transformative renters' rights laws such as the Move in Fees ordinance that prevents landlords from charging renters thousands of dollars just to move in. 
  • Bringing working people into City Hall with the People’s Budget movement, winning tens of millions for affordable housing, homeless services, jobs programs, eviction defense, and support for the LGBTQ community
  • Working alongside the Indigenous community to make Seattle one of the first cities to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day
  • Using every avenue possible to support workers in struggle, organizing in solidarity with numerous unionization efforts and contract battles

A key lesson from all these victories is that you can’t serve two bosses. You cannot be accountable to big business and to working people at the same time. Unlike other politicians, Kshama only takes the average wage of a worker and uses the rest of the $140,000/year City Councilmembers pay themselves to support social justice and workplace struggles. 

Big business and the right wing are outraged at these victories, at the impact of socialist politics in Seattle, and at how Kshama has consistently used her office to fight alongside social movements like BLM and #DefundSPD. 

Her office has played a key role in demonstrating that when ordinary people get organized and fight back, we can win. We need to defend our seat for working people! Here are two ways you can help:

  1. This Tuesday at 1pm, before City Council’s vote on an ordinance to allow public resources for defending Kshama’s council office. Please take a moment to email all 9 councilmembers to urge them to vote yes to defend our movement against this right-wing, anti-BLM recall campaign! 

  2. RSVP and invite your friends to this Wednesday’s online rally, right before the hearing on the recall petition. The rally will be on Zoom -- you can also save the Zoom link here