Watch Kshama’s powerful speech from the Rally to Reject the Recall!

Our rally last weekend was a key step in building a united fightback against the billionaires and right wing behind the Recall Campaign. Over 2,000 viewers tuned in, and contributed over $27,000 to fight back against the recall! We need to keep building on that momentum. Could you chip in to ensure that we have the most possible resources ready for when the Recall Campaign receives the go-ahead to start collecting signatures?

In case you missed it, you can still watch Kshama’s speech as well as the rest of the event by clicking on the link below. Keep reading this email for an excerpt of Kshama’s speech!

This recall campaign is a naked attempt by the corporate elite and right wing to  undo the democratic decision of Seattle voters. They couldn’t defeat working people and socialists at the ballot, with their millions and their lies, and so now they are attempting to use the courts and their deep pockets to hold a do over. It’s striking that this undemocratic attack is taking place at the same time that extremist Trump supporters are attempting to violently overturn the Presidential election results.

Two of the false charges against me are retaliation for my consistent support of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been viciously targeted by both the police and the courts. We saw the police's non-response to the horrific far-right actions at the US Capitol on Wednesday. They allowed an armed right-wing mob, with the declared intent to overturn a democratic election, to walk unhindered up the steps. Some police even took selfies with these right wing Trump supporters. What a contrast to the utter brutalization of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters by police in cities across the nation last summer. 

And we have just heard that at least two Seattle police officers were in DC on Wednesday. And that Mike Solan, the reactionary president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, has disgustingly speculated it might be Black Lives Matter protesters who stormed the Capitol Building. It is notable during her resignation announcement, that former police chief Carmen Best, who had just presided over brutal attacks on the Black Lives Matter protests, said to Seattle Police that ‘you truly are the best police department in the country.’

The recall effort against us is part of a nationwide backlash by the right wing and political establishments of both parties against Black Lives Matter, socialists, and the left. Over twenty million people took part in the historic protests in the US last summer. The ruling class has made heavy use of the courts as well as the police against BLM protesters, resulting in over fourteen thousand arrests last year.

We know what our movements win has everything to do with our own organized strength, and we should have no illusions in the institutions of capitalism. We cannot rely on the courts for justice, just as we cannot rely on the police.

In October, we saw the Washington Supreme Court throw out the grassroots recall campaign against Amazon’s Mayor, Jenny Durkan, for overseeing the violent crackdown on BLM. We should not have an ounce of complacency, however, that they will do anything of the kind with our case. ”

Read the full speech here.