Proud NOT to be endorsed by the Seattle Times

Earlier this week, the Seattle Times Editorial Board continued their eight-year-long tradition of loudly advocating for a City Council free of socialist Kshama Sawant. This time they outdid even their previous efforts by publishing an outrageous piece littered with sexism and condescension toward working people, endorsing the right-wing recall. 

Our campaign is once again proud NOT to be endorsed by the Seattle Times. The Times has a long and storied history as a pro-corporate, anti-worker paper, from attacks on workers’ rights to endorsing George W. Bush for president to backing the Iraq War. More recently, the Seattle Times endorsed law-and-order candidate Ann Davison for City Attorney, who is now Seattle’s first elected Republican in more than 30 years. 

Beyond just anti-worker, right-wing attacks, the Times levelled blatant misogyny at Kshama in the editorial, attempting to frame Kshama as an immature attention-seeker. “Sawant has not matured into an effective representative,” they said, “instead choosing rhetoric over substance, and disregarding any civic norm that gets between her and a microphone.” 

The article, which bizarrely claimed she was “without a decent record to run on,” encouraged District 3 voters to recall Kshama so that “residents and business owners” would be “free of an egregiously abrasive council representative.”

It’s incredibly ironic that the Seattle Times claims that Kshama has no record and claims she isn’t “effective,” when their paper has spent the better part of eight years fighting tooth-and-nail against the many movements for progressive change Kshama has led to victory. Between 2013 and 2016, the Seattle Times published no less than 15 editorials attacking efforts to win a $15 minimum wage, a movement spearheaded by Kshama in Seattle. The Seattle Times also published several articles attacking the Amazon Tax to fund affordable housing, which Kshama and our movement won in 2020. They have repeatedly opposed or mocked many of the groundbreaking renters’ rights laws that Kshama’s office has introduced and won.

In reality, the reason big business and the establishment – including the Seattle Times Editorial Board – truly want Kshama gone is because she is one of the most effective fighters for working people in the nation. In the words of The Stranger, which endorsed the Kshama Solidarity Campaign today, “No one on the council has done more [than Kshama] to balance the extreme power differential between the people who own the buildings and the people who pay exorbitant prices just to live near their workplaces.

“In recent years, [Kshama] sponsored and helped pass legislation to make landlords give tenants six months notice for any rent hike, to make them pay relocation assistance for certain low-income tenants who move out after large rent hikes, to limit the size of move-in fees and to allow tenants to pay those fees in installments, to prohibit landlords from raising rents if there are housing code violations, and to require landlords to provide voter registration information. That long list of renter-friendly legislation gets even longer. Before she supported the bill to give free lawyers to low-income tenants facing eviction, she fought to fund more eviction lawyers in the budget.”

The Stranger summed up what District 3 voters should do when they get their ballots this week. “When you get your hands on that ballot, rip open the envelope, fill out the "Recall No" bubble, slip it in the nearest drop box before December 7 at 8 pm, and then curse the Recall Sawant campaign for this goddamned tedious waste of time and energy.” After you do, we need you to help us get out the vote in this undemocratic holiday election by committing to turn out three other people to vote – take our get-out-the-vote pledge now.

Ballots are being mailed out TODAY to District 3 voters. Don’t wait until after Thanksgiving – fill out your ballot, vote NO, and put the sealed envelope into the nearest post box or ballot drop box.

There are only 20 days left for our grassroots movement to defeat this right-wing recall. A recordbreaking TEN THOUSAND individual donors have chipped in to our campaign, from pocket change all the way to the maximum of $1,000. Can you help us by making any donation – whether it’s $200, $50, or even $5 – right now?