We need a socialist Green New Deal for Seattle

A new report from The Stranger revealed that the Recall Campaign is substantially funded by Republican donors. According to public records, 360+ Republican donors have donated to the Recall, including 100+ Trump donors. Can you help us raise $10,000 in the coming week to defend against this right-wing attack? 

An unprecedented heatwave is blasting the northwestern United States. Temperatures surged to unprecedented levels in recent days, climbing to 115 degrees or more in parts of Washington, Oregon,  Idaho, Montana, and western Canada. Seattle shattered its record for highest-ever temperature on Saturday, then broke that record again on Sunday. Heatwaves like this directly threaten the lives of tens of thousands of people without air conditioning or without shelter, and put a dangerous strain on infrastructure and resources throughout the region. Power grids, water reservoirs, and even bridges and streetcars across the PNW were unable to continue functioning normally. This heatwave marked a major escalation of the broader global climate catastrophe, which threatens the stability of our entire planet.

We urgently need a socialist Green New Deal to end all fossil fuel usage and rapidly transform our energy infrastructure to be 100% renewable. This will require a massive clean energy and union jobs program, dwarfing the scale of Biden’s watered-down 1.3 trillion infrastructure bill. To make this happen, we need a fighting labor movement and political leaders willing to go head-to-head with big energy corporations, including taking them into democratic public ownership so we can shut down fossil fuel production and use their massive resources to instead produce clean energy.

To make Seattle a leader in seriously taking on this challenge, Councilmember Kshama Sawant has proposed legislation to expand the Amazon Tax and direct Seattle City Light to massively expand solar and wind energy construction on currently-unused land the utility already owns. This could produce enough power to make the entire region fossil-fuel free. This would be part of a socialist Green New Deal jobs program for Seattle, which would create thousands of union jobs, and include retrofitting of homes and infrastructure to be more energy efficient and 100% renewable, paired with installing energy-efficient air conditioning in homes. 

We also urgently need safe, affordable housing for all. Too many are outside during this heatwave for the simple reason that they have nowhere else to go. Public “cool shelters” are essential but far from enough – many who need them lack transportation or even knowledge of their existence, and a public shelter can’t replace the functions of a home. Rents are skyrocketing, and while our movement won an extension of the eviction moratorium to September 30, nearly 200,000 people in Washington are behind on rent because of COVID-19 and are under the looming threat of eviction. We need rent control, we need to cancel COVID rental and mortgage debt, and we need to expand the Amazon Tax to fund a massive expansion of affordable social housing.

To win these changes, we need a mass movement and we need fighting socialist leaders like Kshama Sawant. Councilmember Sawant has been the only voice in City Hall fighting for what is necessary to address the twin crises of climate and housing – a Green New Deal jobs program, social housing, and rent control.

The Recall Campaign against Kshama is backed by corporate bosses like Frank Shrontz, the former CEO of Boeing who lobbied to weaken the Clean Air Washington Act and fought to gut the pollution-fighting Puget Sound Water Quality Authority. The Kshama Solidarity Campaign, meanwhile, is supported by environmental movement organizations like 350 Seattle Action.

The right-wing Recall against Kshama is a threat to all of our past victories – the $15 minimum wage, the Amazon Tax, and more. But it is also a threat to future victories like a Green New Deal jobs program, which are necessary to win a livable planet for all of us.

We have a planet to save and a world to win. Can you make any donation to support our movement for a Green New Deal jobs program and affordable housing – whether it’s $100, $50, or even $5 – to help us raise $10,000 by the end of this week?