Sunday Afternoon Rally and Phonebank

Don’t let the right wing and big business recall Kshama Sawant!


Don't let the right-wing remove Kshama Sawant!
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Join us this Sunday to hear from Nova Highschool teacher and rank-and-file Seattle Education Association Member Matt Maley, whose union voted to endorse the Kshama Solidarity Campaign in opposition to the right-wing recall. For decades, public education has been attacked and starved while mega rich corporations have been showered with tax breaks by the political establishment. Even before the COVID crisis, the infrastructure of public schools - especially in communities of color - was crumbling. But for the safe reopening of schools, a massive investment in affordable housing, health care, and public education - paid for by taxing big business - is more urgent for students, educators, and parents now than ever.
Kshama Sawant, herself a rank-and-file member of the American Federation of Teachers Local 1789, is the only City Councilmember who consistently stands with movements and working people against the pressures of big business and the political establishment. The right wing, anti-BLM recall campaign against Kshama Sawant is an attack on all that our movements have won, and all that we are currently fighting for - raising the Amazon Tax for COVID relief, community control over the police, and a Green New Deal jobs program!
Following our speakers, we'll phonebank the district to defend the Councilmember that money can't buy and build the movement for COVID relief paid for by taxing big business!
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February 21, 2021 at 3:00pm - 5:30pm


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