Sunday Afternoon Rally and Phonebank

Don’t let the right wing and big business recall Kshama Sawant!


Join us this Sunday, Feb 28, to hear from climate activist Amanda Sorell! Amanda is a member of 350 Seattle Action, a movement-based organization fighting to break the fossil fuel industry’s grip on politics and win bold climate solutions like a Green New Deal.
From the wildfires that spread across the West Coast this past summer to the snowstorm that hit Texas earlier this week, it’s clear that the political establishment is incapable of mitigating the effects of climate change. Extreme weather events like these are only going to get more severe and frequent as corporations are allowed to continue destroying the planet for profit. Merely rejoining the Paris Agreement, while a positive step, is not nearly enough to address the scale of the crisis already upon us. The need for drastic climate action is more critical now than ever.
Kshama Sawant has never been afraid to stand up to big business and do what’s necessary to ensure a livable future. She used her council office to fight alongside the Tax Amazon movement and pass a historic big business tax to fund affordable housing and a Seattle Green New Deal. The state legislature in Olympia is already working to undermine this victory, and Kshama is the only Seattle City Councilor to have come out in opposition to any form of preemption or phasing out of the Amazon Tax.
This is just one example of why the right wing and big business want Kshama out of office: because she’s the only politician standing in solidarity with our movements and fighting to raise the Amazon Tax for COVID relief, establish community control of the police, and implement a Green New Deal jobs program!
Following our speakers, we'll phonebank the district to defend the Councilmember that money can't buy and build the movement for COVID relief paid for by taxing big business!

February 28, 2021 at 3:00pm - 5:30pm


Will you come?