This is what solidarity looks like

Published on February 5, 2021

We’re excited to announce the new endorsements page on our website! Labor and community organizations, progressive elected officials, community activists, labor leaders, small business owners, faith leaders, and over 400 rank-and-file union members have all come forward to show solidarity against the right-wing recall attack on Kshama Sawant.

Check out a few of our powerful individual endorsers!

Kshama has used her socialist City Council office to fight powerfully for working people, winning historic victories from the first $15 minimum wage of any major U.S. city, to landmark renters rights laws, to last year’s Amazon Tax to fund affordable housing and the Green New Deal. These victories have provided powerful examples of what’s possible for working people, reverberating across the country. We’re proud to be endorsed by local elected officials like King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay and WA State Senator Rebecca Saldana, as well as by national figures like Noam Chomsky and Sara Nelson, the International President of the Association of Flight Attendants.

In stark contrast to the breadth of public support the Kshama Solidarity Campaign has received, much of our opposition has chosen to remain hidden in the shadows. The right-wing Recall Campaign has been explicitly soliciting anonymous donations, amassing now over $240,000 in dark money. But with donors like billionaire Trump donor Martin Selig, Merrill Lynch Senior VP Matt Westphal and the billionaire Nordstrom family, it's clear that their campaign against Kshama is once again fueled by corporate cash.

Working people, on the other hand, are proud to play an active role in the movement to defend Kshama from the right-wing recall.

As we defend against the right-wing recall campaign, we’re also fighting for what working people need during a time of historic crisis and inequality. The pandemic has exposed the willingness of the political establishment to sacrifice the safety of working people to protect the profits of Wall Street. We urgently need COVID-19 relief, paid for by expanding the Amazon Tax, and we need a guaranteed jobs program for all those who are unemployed or underemployed during the pandemic. We’re inspired by the over 400 rank-and-file union members and eight labor unions which already endorsed the Kshama Solidarity Campaign, including many on the frontlines, such as the Seattle Education Association, representing 6,000 educators; Unite Here! Local 8, representing 5,000 hotel, restaurant, food service, and airport workers; Protec Local 17, representing 9,000 public sector workers; and the Resident & Fellow Physician Union, representing 1,400 doctors-in-training. 

We’re also fighting to cancel rent and mortgages during the pandemic for those who’ve lost jobs or significant income and for struggling small businesses, and we’re proud to have the support of housing justice organizations like Nickelsville, S.H.A.R.E, and WHEEL, as well as small businesses like Squirrel Chops coffee shop and hair salon in the heart of District 3.

Despite the record-breaking participation in last summer’s protests for Justice for George Floyd, Kshama is the only Councilmember who has stuck to her pledge to fight to defund the bloated police budget by 50% to invest in the community, and who is fighting for a democratically-elected Community Oversight Board with full powers to hold the police accountable. As we face a racist, right-wing recall campaign that openly cited Kshama's support for Black Lives Matter as its motivation, accusing her of promoting "lawlessness," we’re honored to be supported by inspiring fighters for racial justice like politice accountability activist Castill Hightower and Reverend Dr. Robert Jeffrey, Sr., the Senior Pastor at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.

Last, but not least, we’re proud that progressive organizations like the Transit Riders Union and the Seattle Democratic Socialists of America have joined Kshama’s organization Socialist Alternative in the fight to defend Kshama and to fully fund a socialist Green New Deal in Seattle.

The Kshama Solidarity Campaign, like Kshama’s Campaign Council Office, is entirely of, by, and for working people. Join us by adding your name to the thousands of people who are standing with Kshama against the right-wing recall:

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