Trump’s out! Let’s build the fight against the right wing in Seattle!

Posted on November 12

Millions of people nationwide are breathing a sigh of relief as the racist, reactionary Donald Trump has been defeated in his bid for a second term as US President! This victory is entirely due to the historic turnout of working people and communities of color who wanted to see an end to Trump’s racist, sexist, anti-worker agenda. 

But the race should never have been this close. Trump is the most-hated President in US history. Instead of offering a real alternative, the Democratic Party ran a risky, pro-corporate campaign behind their uninspiring candidate Joe Biden, who flatly rejected demands like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal which Bernie Sanders had used to galvanize millions in the primary. 

In contrast to the Democratic establishment’s insistence that campaigning on bold, progressive demands is not a winning strategy, voters nationwide turned out in record numbers to support raising the minimum wage, decriminalizing drug use, and for community control of the police. As Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has pointed out, every candidate who ran supporting Medicare for All in their campaign won, while many who did not lost.

We have to seize on this momentum and expand the fight against right-wing reaction and for working-class victories. Here in Seattle, it’s urgent that we go all out to defend against the right-wing recall attack on Councilmember Kshama Sawant, while we go on the offensive for community control of the police, COVID relief during this crisis paid for by taxing big business, and a Green New Deal jobs program.

This Saturday, 11/14, join the Kshama Solidarity Campaign for our Door-Knocking Launch! Come out to Pratt Park at 11AM to hear inspiring community speakers and canvass the district to defend our voice in City Hall! This will be a socially-distanced event, please wear a mask.

Join the Kshama Solidarity Campaign for our Door-Knocking Launch

 this Saturday, 11AM, at Pratt Park! RSVP on FB and invite your friends!

While the momentum of Trump’s defeat is on our side as we hit the doors across District 3, I have to admit that our fundraising is not quite where we need it to be. 

We just witnessed an amazing show of our movement’s strength last month when we smashed our $100,000 funrdraising target! But due to the spotlight being focused on the presidential elections all of last week, we are now struggling to catch up with this month’s fundraising needs. 

Our movement to defend against the right-wing attack on Kshama’s office is only possible thanks to the financial sacrifice of working people who want to make sure that we keep Kshama’s fighting voice on the City Council. Please consider making a donation to ensure that we can continue building the movement to stand up against the right-wing here in Seattle. Every donation helps, whether you can spare $500, $50, or $5.