500 union members call on MLK Labor to stand with Kshama Sawant

published on 5/14/2021

From the start, the Recall Campaign has targeted Kshama for one reason: because she stands unapologetically on the side of working people. From the Black Lives Matter movement to the Amazon Tax for affordable housing, she has used her position to give workers a voice in City Hall.

This is why 500 members & leaders of Seattle-area unions have signed a letter endorsing the Kshama Solidarity Campaign and urging the Seattle labor movement to join them.

Next week, the Martin Luther King County Labor Council will hold their monthly delegate meeting. This comes at a critical time, when the Recall Campaign has begun collecting signatures to get their anti-worker recall on the ballot. We urge the Labor Council to endorse our Solidarity Campaign and help us defeat this attack on our movement!

The Recall Campaign is right-wing and anti-worker in its very essence. It is an attack on progressive victories like the Amazon Tax, an attack on the Black Lives Matter movement, and an attack on the right to protest. This is why, while 16 unions have endorsed the Kshama Solidarity Campaign, the only union supporting the Recall is the racist & right-wing police union SPOG, which was expelled from the labor council last summer. The Recall is also supported by anti-union figures like Frank Shrontz, who waged war on the Machinists union at Boeing and oversaw some of the biggest layoffs in Boeing history.

Below is an appeal to MLK Labor and all unions from 500 rank-and-file union members: join our fight against the police-backed, billionaire-backed recall!

If you are a union member, add your name now! http://tinyurl.com/labor4kshama


Sisters, brothers, and siblings in the labor movement,

The right-wing is on the attack against our union sister Kshama Sawant.

Councilmember Sawant, a member of the American Federation of Teachers Local 1789, represents workers, not corporate executives. She has stood with the labor movement for six years--from the $15 minimum wage to the Amazon Tax for affordable housing--and union members have stood with her.

Kshama has walked countless picket lines, stood with workers organizing into unions, and even gone to jail to defend the rights of workers.

That’s why we, the undersigned, 500 union members in more than 80 unions in Seattle and Washington State, support Kshama Sawant against the right-wing recall effort. We call on our unions to do the same and join the 16 unions that have already endorsed the Kshama Solidarity Campaign, to keep a working-class fighter in office.

Join us and tell the billionaire-backed, right-wing recall campaign: Hands off our union sister, hands off Sawant!

Join us here: http://tinyurl.com/labor4kshama

In solidarity,

David Parsons, MLK County Labor Council (MLK CLC) E-Board member (UAW 4121 President)

Michael Andrew, MLK CLC E-Board member (PSARA Executive Director, National Writers Union)

Paula Lukaszek, Delegate to MLK CLC (WFSE 1488 President)

Lou Truskoff, Delegate to MLK CLC (APWU)

Barbara Phinney, Delegate to MLK CLC (AFGE 3197)

Roy Zuniga, Delegate to MLK CLC (IBEW 77)*

Joey Thomas, Delegate to MLK CLC (Highline Ed. Association)*

David Evans, Delegate to MLK CLC (OPEIU 8 )

Justin Vinson, Delegate to MLK CLC (SEA)

Mary Powers, Delegate to MLK CLC (SEA)


Jeff Johnson, Former President of Washington State Labor Council*

Don Sneesby, Mail Handlers Local 316 President*

David Yao, APWU Seattle Vice President

Sam Sumpter, UAW 4121 Vice President

Kathy Yasi, SEIU 925 Second Vice President

Randall Downey, AFSCME 114 former President*

Salvador Castillo, WFSE 1488 Vice President

Brandon Peplinski, Resident & Fellow Physician Union - Northwest President

Brenna Stroup, Resident & Fellow Physician Union - Northwest Executive Director

Stan Strasner, Substitutes Association President

Peter Henry, Executive Board member, Substitutes Association Vice President

Brent McFarlane, SPEEA former NW Vice President*

Peter Kuel, App-Based Drivers Association President


AFA-CWA Council 19

Anatole Nagy*

AFGE Local 3197

Elizabeth Gemo, Fair Practice Coordinator*

Gil Veyna*

Mike Angus*

Barbara Phinney, Delegate MLK County Labor Council (MLKCLC)*

AFSCME Local 2083

Hayden Bass

Jennifer Bisson, steward

Nancy Garrett

AFSCME Local 793

Taira Leasia-Nevill*

AFSCME Local 109-E

Hilary McGowan*

AFSCME Local 114

Randall Downey, former President*

AFSCME Local 21c

Christopher Peguero, shop steward, Executive Board member*

Alphabet Workers Union (AWU)

Bion Johnson*

Matt Kenison*


William Hopkins*

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 1789

Dave Ellenwood*

Jeb Wyman, former Executive Board member*

Joel Shaver*

Michael Reagan*

Richard Curtis*

Zahra Alavi*

AFT Local 6191

Monica Cortes Viharo*

AFT Local 4821

Irene Morrison*

Tom Link, former Executive Board member*

American Fed. of Musicians (AFM) Local 76-493

Bob Barnes*

Edward Wolcott*

American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Greater Seattle Area

David Yao, Vice President

Lou Truskoff, Delegate to the MLKCLC

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) - Seattle

Jasmine Fernandez*

Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 587

Audrey Monroe, steward*

Linda Averill, steward*

Ross Kirshenbaum*

ATU Local 1765

Zakaria Jarato*

Bellevue College Association of Higher Education

Jennifer Parada*

Leo Kiralla*

Nicholas Russ*

Tyler Saxon*

Bellevue Education Association

Shaun Cuffin*

Boilermakers Local 290

Gabriel Hemmer*

Carpenters Local 30

Patrick Burns*

Taylor Tunison*

Carpenters Local 70

Rebecca Moeai*

Franklin Pierce Education Association (FPEA)

Tara Chase*

Highline College Education Association (HCEA)

Kristyn Joy*

Highline Education Association (HEA)

Benjamin Folgers, union representative*

Joey Thomas, Delegate to MLKCLC*

Zach Hoefer, Building Rep*

Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 106

Beth Carroll*

Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 282

Brian Pille*

International Assoc. of Machinists (IAM) Local 751

Benton Crane*

Henry Noble (ret.)*

Robert Carella*

Thema Bentley*

Tom Lux (ret.)*

Willie Newell*

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts (IATSE) Local 15

Alexander Kaufman*

Benjamin Roth*

Jeff Manziolli*

Jessica Jones*

Nathaniel Whitten, Board of Examiners Admin Chair*

Timothy Koch*

IATSE Local 488

Mike Astle*

IATSE Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 887

Kate Simpson*

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 46

Christopher Shipley*

Colin Moen*

Daniel Christensen*

Evan Swan*

Jonathan Root*

Marisa Bertaud*

Patricia Coley*

Tori Westman*

IBEW Local 77

Doreen McGrath (ret.), former shop steward*

Megan Cornish (ret.)*

Roy Zuniga, PAC member, Delegate to MLK CLC*

International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 19

Hazel Pemberton (casual)*

John Hitzfelder*

International Organization of Masters, Mates, & Pilots (IOMM&P), United Inland Group

Martin Ackermann*

Ironworkers Local 86

Alex Osborne*

Che Arsenault*

Gregory Warren*

Logan Swan*

MaryJane Anderson*

Olivia Lauifi*

International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 302

Dominic Jovanovich, shop steward*

IUOE Local 609

David Westberg, ret. Business Manager*

Industrial Workers of the World - Seattle

Chelsea Harris*

Gordon Philip Baldwin, song committee*

Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA) Local 242

Molly Whittaker*

Peter Clarke*

Laborers (LiUNA) Local 1239

James O’Connor*

Mike Maloney*

Scott Dorn*

Lake Washington Education Association (LWEA)

Todd Bohannon, building rep*

National Mail Handlers (NPMHU) Local 316

Don Sneesby, Local President for Washington State & Alaska, Western Region Vice President*

National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Local 79

Des Conrads*

National Writers Union, Local 1981

Michael Andrew, Delegate to MLK CLC

Shellea Allen

Jonathan Rosenblum

National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) Local 30

Angel Ojeda*

Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 8

Andy Slabaugh

Annaliza Torres

Ben Peterson, steward

Cecile Reuge

David Evans, steward, trustee, delegate to MLKCLC

Erin Adamson

Keith Comeau

Nallely Flores

Patrick Pedersen

Robby Stern (ret.)

Shelby Mooney

Valarie Peaphon

Pacific Northwest Staff Union

Alex Gallo-Brown*

Sarah Bright*

Victor Crews*

Professional & Techincal Employees (PROTEC) Local 17

Christopher Lee

Daniel Santon, steward & REC delegate

Joel Vancil

Joseph Mathieu

Linda Greenway

Megan Jackson

Michael Andrews

Oliver Hansen

Ruth Schafer (ret.)

Puyallup Education Association

Todd Halling*

Redmond City Hall Employees Association (RCHEA)

Ian Lefcourte*

Renton Education Association

Alyssa Kaufman*

Resident & Fellow Physician Union - Northwest

Arita Thatte

Brandon Peplinski, President

Brenna Stroup, Executive Director

Katherine Alberty

Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)Seattle

Rik Deskin*

Shellea Allen*

Seattle Education Association (SEA)

Akil Srinivasan

Alison Underdahl

Alonso Ybarra

Angeline Zalben, associate rep for vision services

Anne Campbell

Anthony D’Amico

Aron Bodwitch

Benjamin Price, association representative

Brian Black, building rep for Franklin HS

Cayla Corley

Chris Northcross

Connor Lee, association representative

Darrin Hoop, building representative

David Dreeben

Dorothy Lower (ret.)

Edmund Trangen, Board of Directors, PAC manager

Hannah Graether, para association representative

Jeff Paul, building association representative

Jeff Treistman, board member

Jennifer Hall, Executive Board member

Jill Yang

Jon Greenberg, building rep

Joshua Simpson, building rep

Justin Vinson, assembly rep & delegate to MLK CLC

Kevin Vitz-Wong

Makena Gadient, steering committee member of SEE

Mary Powers, delegate to MLK CLC

Matthew Maley, representative

Michele McCauley

Michelle Vecchio, board member

Peter Henry, Executive Board member, Substitutes Association Vice President

Philip Locker

Ramy Khalil

Roberta Lindeman

Rose Valente

Samantha Egelhoff

Sarah Gese

Stan Strasner, Substitutes Association President

Summer Jupin, building rep

Sylvie Kovnat, building rep

Thomas Dixon

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare 1199NW

Ada Lin*

Alyxx Berg*

Annelie Day, steward*

Dalila Cruz, delegate*

Dana Iorio (ret.)*

Divina Maggi*

Itorye Taubman*

Juan Ortiz*

Justin Gifford*

Kathy Heffernan*

Kurt Ofsthus, delegate*

Ky Magdalene, delegate*

Marguerite Wright*

Maureen Chomko, Neighborcare Bargaining Team*

Paula Brown, delegate member*

Rebecca Remle*

Rebecca Ross*

Riley Patterson*

Rosemary Sult*

Sam Conard*

Shay Driscoll*

Stephen McRae*

Tupamara Maestas Bocanegra, union delegate*

Valentina Warner, delegate for NCH*

Zachary Lawrence, delegate*

SEIU 1199NW Staff Union

Shay Driscoll*

SEIU Local 1948

John Moore, union rep*

SEIU Local 6

Erna Hankic

Michael Prault

Jorge Quiroga (ret.)

SEIU Local 775

Blake Wilding*

Erik Kariya*

Greg Kerrick*

Heather Dobson*

Jessica D’Amour*

Karen Calvert*

Nyree Krikorian*

Randall Downey*

Sean Butterfield*

Tamara Rauscher*

SEIU Local 925

Aaron Flaster

Abraham Flaxman

Amy Hagopian

Ari Asercion

Barry Westbrook, chapter president & shop steward

Brandt Symons

Bryan Kapski

Conor Casey, organizing committee member

Dena Baldwin

Duncan Jay

Eric Wahl

Jacob Roth

Jesse Rice

Karelina Resnick (ret.)

Kathy Yasi, Second Vice President

Kelsey Getz

Kent Jewell, Upper Campus Organizer

Kirk Pernell

Marcus Stringer

Michael Laslett

Michael Schueler, division chair

Paul Hlava

Robert Wood

Samayyah Williams

Sarah Bright

Steven Carlino

Tim Guy, union steward and political organizer

Tyler Bass, staff director

Victoria Crews, lead steward

Victor Crews

Sheet Metal Workers Local 66

Jena Patano*

Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA)/IFPTE Local 2001

Brent McFarlane (ret.), former NW Vice President*

Teamsters Local 117

Ahmed Mohamed

Ahmed Mumin

Ahmed Farah

Amadou Diallo

Don Creery, board member

Francis Kamau

Hilary Leonard

Irene Morrison

Jake Lindsay

Jamal Fayo

Kevin Roberson

Lata Ahmed, Board member

Mohammed Abouzied Amasry Sharif

Nurayne Fofana

Peter Kuel, App-Based Drivers Assoc. President

Tsegai Abraha

Walter Ellis

Zachary Rasmussen, steward

Zakaria Jarato

Teamsters Local 174

Daniel Nelson

Douglas du Mas*

Frank Metully, shop steward*

Teamsters Local 305

Jason Reynolds*

Teamsters Local 763

Elliott Church*

Kathlene Moreno*

Tamara Rauscher*

Plumbers, Pipe Fitters, Refrigeration, & HVAC Union (UA) Local 32

Eric Dee*

Vincent Mai*

United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 4121

Adam Kapilow

Adi Stein

Aidan Coyle

Alexander Hogrebe

Alexandra Schaefer

Amal Nanavati, steward

Ami Tanahashi

Amzi Jeffs, head steward

Anand Hemmady

Andrea Joseph

Andres Guerrero-Guzman

Andrew Wei

Arden Taylor

Arif Abdullah

Arpit Mishra

Audrea Seo

Avi Matarasso, steward

Ben Link

Brady Griffith

Brendan McElmeel

Brian Gerwe

Brianne King, steward

Caitlin Postal, steward

Caitlin Alcorn

Camilla Vasquez, steward

Candice Young

Catherine Babecki

Christian Razo

Christine Geeng, steward

Christopher Morrison

Clara Johnson

Colleen Hoffman, unit recording secretary

Connie Okasaki

Daniel Roberts

David Parsons, President

Devon Gray

Diego Alba

Dominic Sivitilli

Elena Pandres, postdoc head steward

Eli Lilleskov

Elizabeth Schuster

Elyse Lewis

Emily Brown

Emily Furst

Emily Lantz

Emily Myers, Executive Board member

Emily Roskey

Erica Eggleton

Erica Bigelow

Erin Keoppen, steward

Erin Angelini

Estevan Seyfried

Evan Craig, steward

Francesca Colonnese

Grace Reinke, Political Science dept. steward

Guo Zhong

Harley Pyles

Heather Lee

Helen Larson

Hunter Little

Hyejeong Hong

Indrek Kalvet

Iván Cruz

Jason Cain

Jasper Tran O’Leary

Jenna Morris

Jessica Badgeley

Joe Henthorn

Jonathan Witt

Jonathan Fisher

Jordan Ehrman

Joseph Sugrue

Juan Antonio Vazquez Marquez

Julia King

Justin Applegate

Justin Bloom

Kaitlyn Boulding, Classics steward

Kate Conroy

Kelly Carpenter

Ken Wolkin, steward

Kevin Coffey

Kira Renfro

Kristine Hampton

Kurt Berckmueller, steward

Laurel Marsh

Leah Perlmutter, steward

Leandro Casiraghi, Board member

Logan Dearborn

Lukas Metzner

Madeleine Hart

Madeline Werner

Maite Pons Barrios

Margaret Cui

Maria Price

Marie McGraw

Mark Sorel

Martha Ryan

Mary Fisher

Matthew Crane, steward

Mayur Ladumor

Meera Sethi

Micaela Chavez

Michael Ball-Blakely, steward

Monica Cortes Viharo

Nail Hassairi

Naveena Karusala

Nayon Park, head steward

Neal Cragg

Nicel Mohamed-Hinds

Nimesh Vamanan

Nolie Ramsey

Paige Helms

Paul Tubig

Peter Lindquist

Peter Gylys-Colwell

Phil Harding

Porter Jones

Preston Sahabu

Raymond Sanchez

Regena Pauketat

Renee Codsi

Ross Henderson

Rowan Zellers

Rutan Zhang

Sage Scheiwiller, elections committee

Sam Sumpter, Vice President

Samantha Steele

Sami Davies

Sami Turbeville

Sandesh Adhikary

Sanela Rankovic

Sarah Haack

Sarah Alamdari

Sarah Sweger, steward

Saul Hernández Ortiz

Scott Sterrett

Sebastian Lopez Vergara

Sebastian Essink

Shana Hutchison, steward

Sharon Crowley

Shelley Johnson, steward

Soohyung Hur

Sophia Jannetty

Stephanie Brewer

Stephen Eyman

Steve Dvorkin

Sukran Bahar Sener

Tejas Devanur, steward

Theresa Gozzo

Thomas Kaplan

Tiffany Ha

Tim Mackie, steward

Venkata Vidadala, postdoc steward

Vern Harner, head steward

Vinitha Ranganeni

William Byron

Xiao Zhang, steward

Yang Lu

Yaniv Rait

Yoni Rodriguez

Zhihua Zheng

Millwrights (UBC) Local 96

Devin Davies*

United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 21

Alexandria Pape

Amber Christiansen

Amirah Ziada Mirziteh, bargaining member

Anna Minard

Arlo Bender-Simon

Christopher Maikisch

Colton Peterson

Edmond Koenen

Jamie Dorgan

Jared Houston, steward

Jeff Maurice

Jessica Pisane

Michelle Flowers, steward

Stephen Narita

Tori Nakamatsu-Figaroa

Alex Gallo-Brown

UFCW Local 349

Derrick Drungo*

UFCW Local 367

Tristan Wiren*


Andrea Torres

Anthony Gore

Christine Page

Emmanuel Carrillo, Executive Board member

Gabriella Ibanez-Dacruz

Jeremy Sharp

Julitsa Fleming

Kiana Fukuyama, steward

Mac McGrath

Manuel Sigüenza

Sean Donoghue-Neider, steward

Jake Simpson

UUHS (union of UNITE HERE staff)

Jake Simpson*

Washington Education Association

Karen Grice (ret.)*

WFSE 5297 - Association of WA Assistant Attorneys General

Brian Rowe*

Julian Gantt*

Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) Local 1488

Dan Fino

James Grady

John McClung, steward & state council Executive Board member

Justin Ford

Paula Lukaszek, President

Riley Nelson

Rod Palmquist

Salvador Castillo, Vice President

Stanley Withers

Wayne Johnson

WFSE Local 304

James Ellis, steward & CCC bargaining team*

Laura Donders*

Linda Bruton*

Steven Hoffman, steward*

WFSE Local 443

Forrest Watkins*

Chelsea Rustad*

WFSE Local 843

Kevin Allen

Nicole DuRoche

Wesley Sales

WFSE Local 1221

David Brookbank*

WPEA Local 365

Marlowe Zoller*

Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA)

Kaitlin “KC” Cloud*


*personal capacity