Volunteer Kickoff Launch!

Posted on October 16th

Please join us for our Kshama Solidarity Volunteer Kick Off event this Sunday!

Across the country, the Black Lives Matter movement is fighting for justice for George Floyd, Elijah McClain, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. The demand to Defund the Police has been a powerful rallying cry: communities need resources, not police violence! Councilmember Sawant has been a consistent voice in City Hall against police brutality: of the 7 councilmembers who pledged to defund SPD by 50%, Kshama was the only one who introduced legislation to actually do it.

Now Kshama is being targeted by a right-wing recall campaign, for her support for the Black Lives Matter movement, for her leadership on the Amazon Tax and the $15 minimum wage, and for fighting unambiguously for working people.

This campaign is an attempt to re-do the historic 2019 election where Amazon and big business spent millions trying to buy the election, breaking all previous records of corporate cash spent in a City Council race, but got beat by the strength of our movement. Already, the recall effort has the backing of billionaire Trump donor and ICE landlord Martin Selig, who spent $25,000 trying to defeat the 2018 Amazon Tax and who also maxed out to Kshama's opponent’s campaign last year. We can’t afford to let this recall campaign overturn our election victory and start rolling back the gains our movements have made. 

Join us in defending our voice in City Hall! At the same time we stand in solidarity with Kshama, we will go all out to:

End Police Brutality - Cut the bloated SPD budget by 50% to fully fund services like restorative justice, affordable housing, and public transit.We need a democratically-elected Community Oversight Board with full powers to hold the police accountable.

Affordable Housing for All - Cancel rent and mortgages for those who’ve lost jobs or significant income due to COVID and for struggling small businesses. Make the banks pay, NOT renters, homeowners, or small landlords! Expand social housing by increasing the Amazon Tax. Seattle needs rent control!

Green New Deal - Fully fund a socialist Green New Deal in Seattle to end all fossil fuel emissions by 2030 and create thousands of clean energy jobs by taxing the rich.

We’ll set up tables all over District 3 to talk to neighbors about how we can fight for and win these demands! This will be a socially-distanced event, please wear a mask.


If you can’t make it out on Sunday, consider making a donation to the Kshama Solidarity Campaign. It’s thousands of grassroots donations, like yours, that make our volunteer efforts possible. Help us reach our $100,000 goal by the end of this month!