Ultimately this recall will be decided by you: Will you vote ‘NO’ and stand with Kshama Sawant, one of the nation's most progressive elected representatives, OR will you side with big business and the right wing?

It’s time to vote! Ballots for this special election are out now: Vote NO by December 7th. 

How does this recall election work?

Get your ballot.

Ballots for this special election were mailed out on November 17th. 

If you have not received your ballot, or have lost it: 


  • You can request a new ballot from King County. This can take several days as the replacement ballot will be sent via mail.

Fill out your ballot.
There is only one item on this ballot, voting YES or NO on the racist, right-wing recall waged against Kshama Sawant. Then make sure to sign your envelope!

Return your ballot.

From now through December 5th, immediately put your completed ballot (inside your signed envelope) into your outgoing mail. You don’t need a stamp! You can also put it into one of the nearest USPS boxes.

After December 5th, you should put it into one of the ballot drop boxes and make sure to do so before 8pm.

Do you still need to register to vote at your current District 3 address? The deadline to register online is November 29th, but that may be too late to get your ballot in time! Register to vote online here.