We Urgently Need COVID Relief!

Posted on November 16

Amid a nationwide spike in COVID-19 cases, Washington Governor Jay Inslee just announced a set of important statewide restrictions for the next four weeks. In order to ensure that all of our supporters, volunteers, and community members remain safe during this time, we will be temporarily pausing all in-person activity for the Kshama Solidarity Campaign, and moving our events online.

Tens of thousands of working people have lost jobs and income, and many small businesses are struggling. We need to step up our fight for COVID-19 relief, paid for by increasing the Amazon Tax on corporations profiting during the pandemic, while building our campaign to defend against the right-wing recall effort to remove Kshama Sawant. Our campaign is also joining renters’ rights advocates demanding that rent, mortgage, and utility payments be canceled for the working people who need urgent COVID relief.

The right-wing recall campaign has been raising piles of corporate cash, disclosing $180,000 in their most recent report. Their donor list boasts a growing number of corporate executives, including Airbnb’s Chief Financial Officer and former vice president at Amazon, David Stephenson. With the clear backing of the corporate elite for the recall campaign, we must be prepared for an ongoing flood of dark money like we saw in last year’s record-shattering elections.

Last week, the recall campaign began spending to amplify its presence in District 3. Supporters of the Kshama Solidarity Campaign witnessed staffers loading “Recall Sawant” yard signs into an Audi and setting up tables on Broadway to spread their misinformation to passersby. 

Without the ability to counter the recall campaign’s misinformation by our volunteers talking to District 3 residents at tables or while door-knocking, we will need to get our message across through our own yard signs, mailers, and other costly materials. This will only be possible with the continued financial contributions of supporters like you. We’ll never out-spend the billionaires, but a powerful grassroots movement can defeat this right-wing attack on Kshama while we continue to fight to tax big business for COVID relief to fund a guaranteed jobs program, for community control over the police, and for a socialist Green New Deal.

Donate today to help ensure that the lockdown doesn’t slow us down!